The 2019 Ford Transit Comes with Three Engine Options

The 2019 edition of the Ford Transit gives you three different engine options to match the performance you need from a passenger van. This makes it possible to match engine power to the type of traffic you need to navigate and the maximum passenger and cargo weight it'll carry.

If your Transit is a smaller shuttle designed to carry less than ten people or doesn't need to be maneuverable, the 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 engine delivers 275 horsepower with an optimized design. While it's maximum power is not as high as other engines, it's designed to respond faster to changing driving conditions.

If you're looking for dependability, the Transit's engine lineup includes Ford's 3.2L I-5 Power Stroke diesel engine. It's intended for cargo and high-capacity passenger duty in high-traffic areas, and deliver 350 lb.-ft. of power with the dependability of a diesel engine.



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